Kansas Plains - Photo Gallery

Pictures Of Kansas Scenery and My Visit to Johnson, Kansas (Southwest Kansas) - May 7-11, 2010

The Great Plains of Kansas - The Sunflower State
Kansas Plains
I spent five days in western Kansas with Johnson, Kansas as the headquarters of my visit. Special thanks to my dear friends Kent and Kim for hosting me. On this page are 16 images of the Kansas scenery I enjoyed. The simplicity and vast wide open spaces of the Great Plains made my photography quite challenging, yet enjoyable. The photo above was taken in the backyard of a wheat farmer's residence near Manter, Kansas.

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Kansas Plains

Kansas Plains

Kansas Plains

The Kansas Plains

I did a lot of driving in southwest Kansas, either behind the wheel or in the passenger seat. One day Kent and I drove to the Liberal, Kansas library. Another day we made a road trip to Garden City. On yet another day, I drove by myself to Saunders, Kansas.

FIRST: A dirt road northwest of Johnson, Kansas with fields on each side.

SECOND: A wheat field near Rolla, Kansas.

THIRD: Traveling north toward Syracuse, Kansas on Highway 27.

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  • Western Kansas Me standing in my friend's milo field of stubble. I was informed corn was recently planted in the lines of dirt.
    Kansas Milo Field

    Kansas Milo Field

    TOP: A wide open view of the western Kansas plains.

    SECOND: Another view of the plains with more color and texture.

    Creative Photos

    A truck transporting cattle ahead of us outside of Hugoton, Kansas. Notice its a Texas license plate. ;)

    Transporting Cattle
    The silhouette of an oil pump jack during a Kansas sunset. Kansas Sunset
    The one and only Kent Naegele with a big smile during our visit to the Stanton County landfill. Kent Naegele

    Stanton County, KS High Point
    Stanton County, KS High Point

    A scenic photo of County Road Y in Stanton County. I placed an area at the highest natural point in the county. You can see all photos from my excursion here: Stanton County, KS High Point.

    Steve Myself on that grassy knoll.
    Saunders, Kansas A pretty view of the grain elevators in Saunders, Kansas.


    On Monday (May 10), winds blew extremely hard for approximately two hours. One local said they reached 60 mph in some areas. This was the same day that a tornado outbreak happened in Norman, Oklahoma and other areaa of eastern Oklahoma and eastern Kansas. It is difficult to photograph wind, but I think this picture shows how intense it was.

    Johnson, Kansas
    The Johnson, Kansas water tower. Johnson, KS
    A grain elevator as we drove through Ulysses, Kansas.

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