Kite Lake, Colorado

A High Elevation Lake, a Campground Site and a Trailhead Area For Three Colorado 14ers

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Kite Lake, CO
Kite Lake, CO
Kite Lake, CO

Kite Lake is a high altitude lake (above timberline) at the base of three Colorado 14ers. From the town of Alma, follow signs to Kite Lake into the canyon with old mining structures and Buckskin Creek flowing through. Kite Lake serves as a picnic area, campground and launching point for hikers seeking to summit Mt. Democrat, Mt. Lincoln and/or Mt. Bross.

Adjacent are two photos of Kite Lake. Can you tell why it is called Kite Lake? :)

TOP PHOTO: Near the beginning of my hike to Mt. Democrat, I looked back to capture the view of Kite Lake.

BOTTOM PHOTO: Standing near the summit of Cameron Point ("Mt. Cameron"), the view of Kite Lake. Cameron Point is not recognized as an official 14er because the saddle between itself and Mt. Lincoln is not low enough to consider it its own mountain.

Kite Lake
Kite Lake, CO
On June 19, 2004, I captured three photos of Kite Lake as I stood near it.

There was still plenty of snow up there, but at least much of the lake had thawed out. This is a great place for picnicing, photography or dare I say, flying a kite!

Photos Of The Scenic Region

Kite Lake, CO

Direction: In Alma, you'll see the Kite Lake sign on the main road. Alma is between Breckenridge and Fairplay in Park County, south of Hoosier Pass.
Old mining structures on the road.
Mount Democrat Mount Democrat (elev. 14,148 feet) stands proudly in the backdrop.

The Paris Mine is on the north side of the canyon.
Mt. Democrat What a beautiful mountain view!

Around this spot, which is well into the canyon, the road becomes rougher. A 4WD vehicle is a good idea at this point.

Buckskin Creek
Mt. Democrat
A couple more shots from the same spot: Buckskin Creek and a zoom-in of Mount Democrat.
Loveland Mountain Loveland Mountain (alt. 13,691 feet) stands to the south.
Purple Flowers Flowers Ooooooooh! What lovely Colorado wildflowers! :)
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  • Mountains
    Love the snow! Cameron Point in the background as the very beginning of Buckskin Creek runs from Kite Lake.

    Aside from the group of three, my 14ers and 13ers hikes in the area:
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  • Mount Sherman
  • Horseshoe Mountain
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  • Kite Lake, CO The picnic ground and parking area.
    Mt. Cameron A vivid shot of Mount Cameron on the left. Mt. Lincoln is out of view - it is farther back to the right.
    Mt. Bross I'm 90% sure that triangular mountain is either Mount Bross or a "false summit" blocking Mt. Bross.
    Looking back down the valley towards Alma. on Facebook

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