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LAUNDRY PICTURES! Steve Does Laundry On "Leap Day"
February 29, 2004
It was about time that I did my laundry! :) I mushed about two loads of laundry in that basket! ;) By the way, you can see my two favorite tie-dye shirts: The t-shirt (left) and long sleeve shirt (right) are both "featured" in articles! :)
My landlord just made the washing machine and dryer coin operated. Before he'd charge $15 for unlimited use for the month, but uh, he changed the policy for some reason.
I know, I know, why am I showing you these boring pictures?! ;)

Special thanks to my friend Kansas Kelly (photographed in the knee article) for giving me her laundry detergent.

Oh, and there I am pouring the laundry detergent into the machine! Now here's where things got interesting...
...Everything was set, so I pushed in the coin holder and the washing machine wouldn't turn on! It was stuck and wouldn't pull out with or without my quarters! As you can see, I was pretty mad and I even acted like a drama queen! >:O

Rental Washer & Dryer Not Working, Steve Goes to Local Laundromat!
So with the washing machine at my place not working, I took all the clothing out of the machine (icky with detergent on it) and went over to the local laundromat that's across from City Hall.

I gotta admit, I kind of have a freaky phobia towards public laundromats. It's tough to explain, but I have the same kind of panicky reaction when I'm alone in an elevator with another person. :(
I read the Sunday Denver Post, which calmed my nerves for a bit.
Now isn't this a cute piece of art? :)

TOP PICS: Random photos at the laundromat.
BOTTOM: Looking straight out, you can see rugged orange rocks and Highway 24, which is the highway we adopted! :)
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  • I was a lot happier - and my hair was a lot happier - after I got my laundry done! :)
    Ta-Da! :)
    All done! Love, Steve

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