My Literature (A Collection - More Like A Junkyard! - of Essays)

2011 Draft Order Ping Pong Balls Determined This Year's Fantasy Football Draft Order
My Father's Death A Essay About My Memories With Dad Near The End Of His Life
Bike Across America Photos and descriptions of all 45 days riding across America in 2008.
2006 Drama Queen Day The page celebrating this annual holiday in 2006.
2005 Drama Queen Day A holiday celebrating and reflecting on drama queens and drama queen behavior.
Cigarette Smoking A letter Steve wrote to his grandmother about cigarette smoking
Passaic River Reflections Everything about my 90 mile long kayak trip down the Passaic River
My Tipi A tribute to the tipi. (1999-2004)
My Faith The Story of How I Became A Christian
New Jersey My Reflections On Escaping New Jersey 8 Years Ago
Kissing Cactuses My Ramblings About the Hot Desert and Cactuses

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