Lovell Gulch Trail: A Hike in Woodland Park, Colorado
October 30, 2004
Lovell Gulch Trail
Directions to Lovell Gulch Trailhead: From Woodland Park, go north as if you're going towards Rampart Range Road. As you're leaving town (past the Woodland Park High School), a sign and trailhead will be on your left.
Lovell Gulch Trail, CO
I had some older pictures from my hike, but for now, until I do this trail again, I've reduced the photos to the top four. I sensed this would be a very interesting hike when there are fall colors on those aspens. :)
Lovell Gulch Loop
Despite the powerlines, there's some pretty Colorado mountain scenery on this loop trail.
Pikes Peak, CO
The grand view of Pikes Peak. Happy trails, friends!

Photos by Steve Garufi - Facebook: /coloradoguycom - Twitter: @SteveGarufi

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