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Word tends to travel fast about this web site. A co-worker, who has never visited, asked if my web site had things like me eating lunch with my camera taking pictures. Heh heh! What a great idea! :)
Steve Eats a Yummy Frozen Pizza For Lunch!
February 8, 2003
I got one of those "bake to rise" pizzas! YUMMY! :)
Alrighty, unwrapping the pizza...
In the oven!

Oh, have you ever seen the funky-looking pizza from last year? :)
I turned the oven for 400 degrees...
Fire up that pizza, baby!
I sat impatiently for a few minutes in the kitchen...
...then I putzed around on the Friendship Board...
...and then I worked on a personality test for a little bit...
TA-DA! There's the finished product! :)
Uhhhhhh, I don't know what to put in this caption.
I've gotten in the bad habit of eating food on my lap as I play on the computer. One of these days I'm going to spill something and mess up my keyboard or mouse. Ah well.
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Go ahead and voice your thoughts about frozen pizza or these pictures of me eating on my:


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