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Steve's MAMA & PAPA Visit Colorado!
August 2002
Papa paid for a lot of our meals, including the outdoor patio at the Townhouse Lounge. :)
Mama enjoyed drinking a Bokimatti at Spice of Life. :)
Mom and Pop eating pizza. (Yup, they've acclimated to the camera.)
Nice shot at the Garden of the Gods Visitor Center.
We actually visited Jae and Lisa's and played Scrabble. Lots of fun! :)
Oh how nice! A group shot with some of the hills in Manitou Springs in the background.
Check out last year's fun when we hung out in Denver area! :)
Mom, Dad, I hope you like the pictures!
In-action photo of my Pop drinking his soda.
Oh! We went to Miramount Castle Tea Room and had lunch with tea. HOW LOVELY! :)
That's Mama, being the tourist at Garden of the Gods.
By the way, that's my personal pizza that I ate at Marilyn's on Manitou Avenue.
Ha ha ha! My parents have not gotten used to the eating photos yet. :)

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