Manitou Spa Building - Manitou Springs, Colorado

The Manitou Spa Building is a landmark in the heart of Manitou Springs. In the late 00s, the historic building was renovated with residential lofts and vacation rentals in the upper floors, with a restaurant and shops below. As you can see, it is an attractive site that adds to the charm of downtown Manitou Springs.

Manitou Spa Building
Photo Above: The entrance of the Manitou Spa Building; photo taken during my mineral springs tour.

Manitou Springs

Pictures of the Manitou Spa Building
Janaury 28, 2006

These are older pictures of the Spa Building before renovation was complete. In some ways, they may be kind of funny ... as potential buyers of lofts can see all the amazing work that has been put into beautifying the building.

Adjacent Photo: The main entrance to the Manitou Spa Building.

Manitou Springs The view from Soda Springs Park.
Manitou Springs The view on Park Avenue, near the Wheeler Springs.
Manitou Springs The view from the Cliff House Hotel.
Manitou Springs The walkway that separates the Spa Building from the Navajo Gift Shop and the Manitou Arcade. Red Mountain is the pointed peak in the front left.
Manitou Springs The eastern side of the Spa Building. When I moved to Colorado in 1997, I made my first friends at the coffee shop on the bottom floor in the far right shop in the photo. They were the Ward Family who ran Stanley Arbuckle's Cafe.
Manitou Springs Standing in front of the entrance, there's a bridge that goes over Fountain Creek. Also, there was a restaurant called the Blue Note that had a wonderful creekside outdoor patio. Today, Adam's Mountain Cafe occupies that space and is very popular.
Manitou Springs Another picture of the entrance.
Spa Building and Cliff House Photo taken in May 2003 while on the summit of Red Mountain. The Post Office (top left), the Cliff House (top right) and Manitou Spa Building. on Facebook

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