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Mark Garufi (Steve's Younger Brother) On Pikes Peak Summit!
July 2003
So here's a good chunk of the pictures of my younger brother Mark, who visited from New York last weekend!
Mark seemed greatly amused by the scraggly-looking trees near timberline.
The Pikes Peak Highway is a "must" if you're in the area!
Hey Mark, that's a cool Atart shirt!
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  • It turns out a bunch of people have "googled" him and have come across this very page! ;)

    Elk Park, near Pikes Peak Highway
    Now Elk Park is a really scenic area about halfway up Pikes Peak Highway! (Also, see when Mark and I drove up Pikes Peak in 2000!)
    Check out this funky-shaped tree!
    Nice shot!

    Okay, here's how you get there: As you're coming up the highway, when you see the sign on the Timberline sign on the right, the driveway is between the two stakes on the left. From the road you can hardly see the driveway, but it's between the two stakes. Be careful!
    It's really nice in this area called Elk Park. Perfect for a picnic with nice grassy areas. Also, The Severy Creek Trail and another trail that leads to Barr Camp begin here. Many mountain bikers will start here and ride all the way down back to Manitou on Barr Trail.
    Mark attempts to imitate the shape of this tree! :)

    Hi folks! This is an old pictorial and left the captions as is!
    Mark Garufi in Colorado Springs, August 2000
    That's my little brother Mark at the breakfast table. He's always amused with bottles of hot sauce.
    That's the Siamese Twins in the background. I don't know what the heck Mark is posing to be.
    Mark takes a picture in Garden of the Gods. What a tourist! Ha ha!
    Nice hat, Dad!
    Before we went to Garden of the Gods, Mark went to buy some sneakers. Get this: there was a going-out-of-business sale and Mark bought three pairs of shoes for just $36!!!!
    Mark stares at a $10,000 bill at the Money Museum.
    That's Mom's version of acting mean and powerful at the end of a table.
    Everyone! That was my breakfast! I had eggs (the eggs were white; you can't see them that well), hash browns, bacon and four pieces of wheat bread. Yuuuuuuuuuuummmmmm!

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