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Marmots In Colorado's High Country

July 1, 2007 - During my hike of Mt. Yale, my friend and I spotted quite a few marmots among rocky areas above timberline. As I was heading down, there were two marmots fairly close, which made it irresistable to take some photos.
I like this photo best!
Ah, there's something about marmots! -Steve

Marmot Pictures Of Marmots On The Pikes Peak Highway (May 24, 2003)

On our way up the Pikes Peak Highway we came across some cute yellow-bellied marmots in an area known as the "Devil's Playground." That's Alyson standing right in front of one!

A couple of closer-ups of the marmots!
Marmot Alyson got some good shots of the little critter!
Marmot Marmot Then I spotted another yellow-bellied marmot between a couple of rocks!

Colorado Marmot My most recent picture came in 2010, when I saw this marmot near the summit of Mount Evans. on Facebook

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