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MID-SENTENCE PICTURES! Pics of Steve Speaking in Mid-Sentence!
Compiled February 2004
This was when I was admitting my motive for Adopting a Highway. (January 2004)
The lighting was poor as I explained why I stole two cookies from a buffet restaurant. (October 2003)
While explaining my 12-Step diarrhea recovery group. (May 2003)

In 2002, Hair Consultant Donna was accused of being a "Do-Nothing Hair Consultant" by Boki, who ran against her in that year's election. There were three mid-sentence photos in that article alone! :) (September 2002)
The sexy knee article. (September 2003)
It was very sad to announce Alissa's firing. (September 2003)
While explaining my non-farting lifestyle to the public. (September 2000)
I don't get many others in mid-sentence, but I did capture Former Manitou Mayor Bud Ford in the "Manitou Suburb" article. (December 2003)
It wasn't much fun firing Hair Consultant Rain either. (February 2001) By the way, Hair Consultant candidate Laloo said she doesn't like this picture! :(
During my releasing of the Manitou Springs City Council "Boredom Notes". (June 2003)
Ha ha ha! CLICK HERE to see a seperate pictorial of photos of me freaking out! :)
From when I ran for "Best Public Fool" in a local newspaper contest. I didn't win ... thankfully! :) (September 2003)
From Laloo's HC campaign announcement. (February 2004)

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