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Scenic Colorado Drive From Monument, CO To Rampart Range Road

Mt. Herman Road Photos Summer 2004 - Looking for a scenic drive in the mountains near Colorado Springs? Speaking for myself, I had an enjoyable time on Mt. Herman Road. This is a dirt road that travels through the Rampart Range, beginning in Woodland Park and finishing in Monument.

Directions: Take Rampart Range Road from Woodland Park and go north about six miles. You will see this sign at the turnoff for Mt. Herman Road.

Boulders Near the beginning, there's a small boulder field with a view of Pikes Peak.
Pikes Peak
Pikes Peak
Pikes Peak
Throughout much of the drive, Pikes Peak continued to be in view to the south.
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  • Mt. Herman Road Mt. Herman Road
    Mt. Herman Road
    A few miles in, you will come across this rock along the road. It's interesting.

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  • Limbaugh Canyon To the left (north), this is the view of Limbaugh Canyon, which runs down into Palmer Lake.
    Pikes Peak One more photo of Pikes Peak.
    Rock Outcropping I must say, this is a very scenic drive. I highly recommend it if you're looking for some adventure in the Colorado Springs area.
    Flowers Flowers A couple of flowers on the side of the road.
    Mount Herman After some tight turns, I began to see Colorado's Front Range from afar.
    Mount Herman Road An array of rocks by the road.
    Mt. Herman Road
    Mt. Herman
    TOP: The road continuing around Mount Herman.
    BOTTOM: The western side of Mount Herman. Regretfully, I really should have captured a better photo of the mountain.
    Mountain Bike This guy was bravely riding uphill on his mountain bike. We talked for awhile about the road.

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  • Mt. Herman Road I must note that the final two to three miles near Monument are somewhat bumpy. It is quite passable, being that I drove my Honda CRX, but it ain't for the faint-hearted!
    Monument, Colorado Near the end, is this interesting rock formation.
    Mt. Herman Road
    Mt. Herman Road
    If you want to drive Mount Herman Road from Monument side: Mitchell Avenue will take you to the very beginning. You can't miss this sign at this junction.

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