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Mount Sherman - Elevation 14,036 Feet

Photos of My Climb of a Comparatively "Easy" 14er In The Mosquito Range - August 11, 2004

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Mt. Sherman
Mount Sherman! Hiking any Colorado 14er is by no means easy, but many in the climbing community rate Mt. Sherman as one of the easiest climbs among 14ers. If one drives all the way to the gate (west of Leavick), one is already at 12,000 feet in elevation. It is approximately 5.6 miles round trip from this spot. Visit for trail information.

Adjacent Photo: Standing in Leavick, the view of Mt. Sheridan (left) and Mt. Sherman (right).

Mt. Sherman Hike I parked lower down on the road. My hike approaching the gate.

Various old mining structures remain in the area. Interesting stuff!

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  • Mt. Sherman, CO Up we go! Check out that mining structure way up on the left!
    Mt. Sherman
    Mt. Sheridan
    Head up to this easy-to-spot saddle between Mt. Sheridan and Mt. Sherman, and then you'll get some nicer views!

    TOP: Looking towards Mt. Sherman
    MIDDLE: Mt. Sheridan, a respectable 13er.
    BOTTOM: Looking west, you'll get your first view of 14er Mt. Massive and surrounding ranges.
    Turquoise Lake You'll reach another mini-saddle with a great view of Leadville, Turquoise Lake and surrounding mountains. I love this picture!
    Colorado Scenery Looking back down towards the trailhead and road to the east.
    Facing northwest.

    Colorado Scenery

    Near the very top! Check out that huge patch of snow. The summit is long and flat and the official summit marker is up to the north.

    Iowa Gulch

    Some views from the summit!
    TOP: I'm pretty sure that's 13er Dyer Mountain with 14er Mount of the Holy Cross way in the background to the left.
    SECOND: Looking west toward Leadville.
    THIRD: Looking south, the Collegiate Peaks stick their heads way in the background.
    BOTTOM: Looking north, Mt. Democrat, Mt. Lincoln, Mt. Bross and Quandary Peak sit in a cluster. Grays and Torreys Peak sit way to the right in the background.

    Looking east, it was clear enough to capture a couple of shots of Pikes Peak. I like the bottom photo!
    Mt. Sherman I'm starting a new tradition ... smoking a cigar atop the summit. :)
    Mt. Sherman One last picture of the snow as I began my hike down.
    Colorado Rocky Mountains And one very last picture below the gate, as I hiked back toward my car.

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