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MT. PRINCETON HOT SPRINGS! Pictures Of A Natural Colorado Hot Spring! January 3, 2006
Mt. Princeton Hot Springs The Mt. Princeton Hot Springs!
This afternoon I just had to get out and soaked in these amazing hot springs. I'm telling you: My body felt divine! :)
Hot Springs There are two main areas to the hot springs. One is the creek hot springs that's part of the Chalk Creek. I spent most of my time in this spot (adjacent photo) and loved it! (There are also two really nice large pools heated with hot spring water that I didn't photograph.) Keep in mind that the large pools are open all year round, while the creek springs are open approximately nine months of the year.
Hot Springs Hot Springs Two more pictures of the Chalk Creek and the hot springs to the right of each photo. From what I was told, in the spring, when the creek is running the largest amount of water, it tends to erode the right edges. Hence, the wall (left) that was created and pile of dirt from erosion (right). The creek in the springtime is so strong that it wipes out all of the rocks and is generally "unsittable", which explains why it's not open all year round. ;)
Mt. Princeton Hot Springs
Hot Springs
It was so relaxing! :p)
I took both of these photos while sitting in a circular pool. Notice the steam coming up in both photos. People, if you really like hot springs and you're in the Chaffee County area, you really must check out the Mt. Princeton Hot Springs!
Yeah, I went alone. Oh well!
It was just one of those days where I "had to" go no matter what. ;)
Stream One zoom-in shot of Chalk Creek.
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