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Steve Garufi Radio - *KICK ASS* Music In The Mountains

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Are you tired of listening to crap on the radio? Frustrated about poor music choices at work? Well your woes are over! Steve Garufi Radio will provide great music for you and your friends all day!

Thanks to blip.fm, a music web site connected with twitter, I now have an online radio station. Click the snazzy image of me above or simply click here: www.blip.fm/stevegarufi. I play a lot of upbeat 80's songs and also dip into the 70's and 90's. I also might throw in a classical piece now and then.

Steve Garufi Radio ... Kick Ass Music In The Mountains!

Visit and turn your speakers up baby! :)

Twitter: @stevegarufi

Three sample songs...

Atonal Music Appreciation Month Is Over

Throughout December 2006, I played beautiful, moving and experimental atonal classics from some of the greatest composers, including Alexander Scriabin, Arnold Schoenberg, Alban Berg, Krzysztof Penderecki and many others on my myspace page. After awhile, however, I had a meltdown from listening to that music for so long!


Photo Above: Alexander Scriabin with his beautiful wife.

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