Nerd Parade
1st Annual NERD PARADE in Colorado Springs, August 12, 2001
i The 1st Annual NERD PARADE! It was so much fun!
canyon And as you can see, there were plenty of nerds participating in the event.
Annie That's Susan of Horizons 39. It was her group that brainstormed and planned the nerd parade! :)
Hot car This is an AMAZING PICTURE!
Buffet picture! We proudly marched down Tejon Street. I was near the end of the parade, sitting on top of a jeep.
Hot car That's Russ and I would agree that he's a freak.
Hot car That float had tropical dancers. And the girl with the red hat is Dawnn, my hair consultant.
i Caryn and Barb dressed up as bumble bees.
canyon That's Joe, an really great guy in Horizons 39. Love the elephant costume as he proclaims his nerdiness to the world!
Annie Richard dressed up as a woman. He's the guy I hung out with in Pueblo last month.
Hot car We gave away a whole bunch of balloons to bystanders.
Buffet picture! I know. I know. I've got some freaky friends, don't I?
Hot car That's Dave Vetter, the guy I had lunch with at Chipotle!
Hot car It was so much fun. You've GOT TO march in next year's parade!
i And there was a gorilla there. Holy Goats Milk! :P
canyon There's the gang ... good heavens! :)
Annie That's the jeep I rode in for the parade.
Hot car The girl on the left is Tara. She's the one who made the rainbow-colored jello.
Buffet picture! If you scrolled all the way down to this picture, then give yourself a hand! :)

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