King Soopers Parking Lot Pictures
Denver-area Parking Lot in Sepia-toned Pictures (Yes, I was bored!)
May 2001
Shopping Carts So I was really bored, and while I knew I should have been studying, I went for a walk. I wound up at a supermarket parking lot and viola! Is that how you spell it?
King Soopers Picture Actually I was in Englewood, a town just below Denver. (The King Soopers at the corner of Broadway and Floyd for you local yokels.)
Parking Lot Arrow I did get some strange looks from people as I strolled throughout the parking lot. :)
Newspaper Containers That's right in front of the Englewood post office.
Old GMC Well, I'm done living in Denver part-time. The semester is over and I have no plans to return. :)
Close Up Picture Thanks so much to all of you who actually visit this site! Love, Steve :X

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