Pass Key Restaurant in Pueblo, Colorado

Lunch With Richard and Toni
Pass Key Restaurant
June 2001 - I drove to Pueblo, Colorado to visit Richard and Toni. Toni works at the Pass Key, a well-known and popular Italian restaurant in town, and so Richard and I enjoyed lunch there.
Richard Garrison
Richard is a wonderful friend. (We did a few things, including make a drive to Lake Isabel.)

He recommended their speciality - their distinct sausage sandwich. Oh yes, it was delicious! :)

Budweiser Beer
Richard even bought me a beer!
Toni and Steve
The picture is oddly-composed, but I still like it. This is Toni and me. The one and only Toni was our waitress! This woman is an absolute sweetheart.
Sausage Sandwich
Oh my ... look at that beautiful sandwich, french fries and peppers!

Steve Garufi Eating
What can I say? I am a passionate eater! :)

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