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Pictures of China

South Central China Photos by Mark Garufi
December 2005 - My brother Mark spent much time traveling throughout Asia and sent me these photos of China. All of these photos were taken by him.

Chinese men
Four men in the village.

Chinese dancers

Chinese People

Traditional Chinese Music and Dance
Traditional Chinese Dance and Music. I love the colorful clothing.


Yangshuo, China
Pictures of the region known as Yangshuo in south central China.

Chinese Children
Children giving their best kung fu pose.
Chinese House
A stylish Chinese home.
Chinese Field Worker
Working the fields.
Chinese woman
This lady let me in her home! So generous.
China Scenery

There's my village guide in the top photo. This place in the second shot is spectacular.

Mark Garufi in China
Friendly Yao girl at my guesthouse - she has four dimples!
Chinese Baby
A cute Chinese baby.

Chinese Dinner Meal

Dopu Tofu Dinner

Chinese Dinner
Mark, like me, loves food and often takes pictures of his meals. His comments, "Mmmmmmm! Dopu Tofu is the second dish. It's fun just saying it! The third meal was an all-vegetable dinner after hearing a pig get slaughtered in the morning."

Dong Village Holiday Feast
Dong village holiday feast.
Chinese Village
Walking around a Chinese village.
Chinese card game
These skinny cards fun. Kinda like 2-card high card.
Chinese market
Muslim restaurant.


Maling Gorge has five waterfalls! Xingyi, Guizhou province.

Chinese laughter
Me dancing for the tribe ladies.

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