Buena Vista, CO
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PICTURES OF DEER! Deer Photos Taken In Chalk Creek Canyon (Chaffee County)
December 15, 2005
Deer Deer pictures!
If you love deer, you're on the right page! :)
Deer Deer I drove up Chaffee County Road 162 (west of Nathrop and found so many deer. (This is actually the same deer in two photos taken about five seconds apart!)
Deer Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! :)
Deer Deer happily eating away.
Deer A younger looking deer.
Deer Okay, this particular picture I took in November. That deer was standing right there in my backyard! :)
Mt. Princeton I actually took this picture while sitting in my car on Rodeo Road. That's Mt. Princeton (back right) in the background.Here are all of my pictorials from this region:
  • Mt. Princeton Hike, St. Elmo, Buena Vista
  • Cottonwood Pass (Fall), Cottonwood Pass (Snow)
  • Nathorp, Salida, Monarch Pass, The Overlook
  • Collegiate Peaks, Bike: Salida to Buena Vista
  • Midland Hill, Mt. Princeton Sunset
  • Deer One more cute-looking deer! :)

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