Telluride, CO
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PICTURES OF TELLURIDE: Steve & Dave Bike Around Telluride, Colorado!
October 23, 2005
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My friend Dave Ortiz and I met up in Telluride for the day. After visiting Bridal Veil Falls, we putzed around town on our bikes. Adjacent is the view facing west, near the town park on the east side of town.
Telluride I must say, I am so impressed with the meticulous planning and "quality of life" of Telluride. At the park was a children's fishing pond and many other park attractions without any litter to be seen.
Bike Bike Dave (left) actually gave me this mountain bike (right) which he obtained but could not use because it wasn't his size. Dave fixed it up really well (he's a bike mechanic) and then gave it to me for free. What a friend!
Telluride We biked west to Highway 145 (the main junction outside of town). I was looking back west in this photo.
More about the planning of Telluride: You'll note the bicycle-friendly paths in these two photos. Up and down this valley, there is a paved bike path (that goes along the main road) and a gravel walking and bike path that runs along the San Miguel River on the north side of the canyon. From a planning perspective, everything works together: the neighborhoods, bicycling trails, open space and historic downtown district. This is a beautiful place!
San Miguel County Courthouse
Telluride History Telluride History
Near the center of town, the old San Miguel County Courthouse, and two interesting signs about Telluride's mining history.

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    Downtown Telluride
    Downtown Telluride
    Two downtown photos including the New Sheridan Hotel.
    I'm pretty sure that's Palmyra Peak (alt. 13,319 feet) that's part of Bear Creek canyon.
    Telluride Again, I applaud Telluride's planning! The homes all have a certain amount of individuality. Some are Victorian-style, some are ski village condos and others have a modern mountain cabin look. Generic cookie-cutter neighborhoods don't exist in Telluride! ;)
    I've become very proficient at taking photos of myself by merely sticking out the camera in front of me. :)
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  • Telluride One shot of map with all of Telluride's amazing ski runs. Wow! Just looking at that map, I'm tempted to get serious about skiing. We'll see! ;)

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