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Fun On Top Of Pikes Peak, September 2, 2001
cripple creek The views from the top of Pikes Peak are really amazing. I must say, I really respect anyone who has hiked to the top of this mountain. (Tami, Annie and I took the toll highway.)
decks Tami looks really happy in that picture, doesn't she?
hot tub window Annie is a friend of Dawnn, who is visiting from Indiana. She's a sweetie too.
Living Room Guys! There was snow up there! So I started a snowball fight with Tami and Annie. And yes, I was posing in this one. :(
Colorado Proverb In this picture, I really did hurl that snowball at Tami. See her running away from it? :)
Brown Room Just amazing ... Colorado Springs looks so small and far away. Hey, check out the PIKES PEAK DONUTS I ate and me frolicking about!

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