Queens Canyon and Dorothy Falls - Colorado Springs, CO

Queens Canyon, CO Queens Canyon is a beautiful spot, located west of Colorado Springs, with a trail that leads to Dorothy Falls. Much of the canyon is located on private property -- owned by the Navigators and Glen Eyrie Conference Center -- and its availability to the public is sometimes limited. Actual guests of the conference center are welcome to hike in the canyon, but non-guest visitors have been required to sign a liability waiver to enter ... when they are allowed at all. You can always call the Glen Eyrie Conference Center directly to get more information.

Directions: In Colorado Springs, the entrance is on 30th St. at the Navigators. This is a short distance north of Garden of the Gods. At the entrance, turn left and proceed to the gate. The trailhead is at the far end of the castle parking lot.

Adjacent photo: A sign at the trailhead.

The trail runs along a creek in a deep canyon.
Dorothy Falls Dorothy Falls
Queens Canyon

Dorothy Falls

It's a modest 0.75 mile hike to a waterfall known as Dorothy Falls. It is so beautiful!

I'll be the first to admit these pictures are horrible! The one with me walking toward it at least give you some perspective.

And boy howdy, that water was cold as it came down on me.

If you're a big fan of Colorado waterfalls, I've created a page with all that I have visited: www.coloradoguy.com/colorado-waterfalls.htm.

Queens Canyon Beyond Dorohty Falls is another interesting area known as the punch bowls. Hike another 1/4 of a mile up the canyon, going around the waterfall, you will get some nice views of the creek and canyon like this one.
Queens Canyon, Colorado Upward, the canyon narrows. You will need to be a little nimble here, but you can easily proceed by walking on the rocks.
Queens Canyon, CO A photo just below the punch bowls. The canyon continues far into Rampart Range.

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    Steve and Anne

    And there they are ... The four punch bowls.

    Some of the more brave have been known to jump in the ice cold water, as Anne did. Be careful.

    I was so grateful for this hike in June 2004. Anne and I had a good time and if you need proof, you see it in that cheesy smile of my mine. (Sorry Anne, for cutting your head off!)

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