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Red Mountain - Manitou Springs, Colorado

A Moderate Yet Scenic Hike Overlooking Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs - November 27, 2009

Red Mountain Red Mountain (altitude 7,375 feet) is a small mountain on the southern edge of Manitou Springs that was recently secured as open space. An ascent of this mountain is considered moderate for Colorado Rocky Mountain standards, and the view at the top makes this a popular hiking destination. On Friday, my friends Erich and Christina joined me for this post-Thanksgiving afternoon excursion.

How To Get There: In Manitou Springs, turn south on Pawnee from Manitou Avenue and travel all the way up the residential road. (If you don't like driving and/or parking on steep residential roads in Manitou, I suggest parking in the base of town and walking up Pawnee from the Manitou Library.) Eventually Pawnee becomes a dirt road, and on the right is the trailhead for the Intenmann Trail. Hike on the Intenmann Trail for approximately 0.4 miles and turn left at the clearly marked sign for Red Mountain. From that point, it is a one mile ascent to the summit.

Directly below are four larger photos that identify and show Red Mountain's location in comparison to Pikes Peak and its range. Below that, of course, are the photos from our hike. Happy trails, friends!

-Steve :)

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Photos of Red Mountain (Manitou Springs) - All photos taken 2005-2008.
Red Mountain
The view of Red Mountain from the Wheeler House Motel on Park Avenue.
Manitou Springs, CO
Another view of Red Mountain as I stood on the edge of Higginbotham Flats near Highway 24.
Manitou Springs, CO
The view of Red Mountain from Manitou Avenue on the east side of Manitou Springs. Pikes Peak's summit can be seen above.
Pikes Peak
The grand view of the mountains from Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. Note how comparatively small Red Mountain is to the loftier peaks behind it.

Manitou Springs, Colorado
Our Hike

The view of Manitou Springs from the Intemann Trail. Notice the harsh contrast of sunlight and shade in this canyon. From a photography standpoint, I suggest hiking this mountain in the morning when the sun is east and southeast. The lighting toward the mountains and the town of Manitou Springs will probably be much more pleasant.

Red Mountain Trail The Red Mountain Trailhead marker.
Red Mountain Trail

Red Mountain Trail Red Mountain Trail

Despite two unseasonably warm days in the 60's, many portions of the trail looked like this. Because the trail is located on the southern side of the canyon, it does not receive a lot of direct sunlight.

The snow wasn't so bad, but the lengthy patches of ice on the trail were a doozy! All three of us (Erich, Christina and myself) either tumbled or slid quite nastily at some point while coming down. In retrospect, I would suggest hiking this trail in the warmer months. I hate to say it but Red Mountain kicked my butt more than most of the loftier mountains I've climbed over the years. One nasty slide rewarded me with a few bloody scrapes on my arms and legs ... Not fun!

Enough whining. Ahhhhh, look at the pretty snow! :)

Pikes Peak Region
The Summit of Red Mountain (alt. 7,375 feet)

The beautiful view of Garden of the Gods and Colorado Springs from the top.

Red Mountain in Manitou Springs

FIRST PHOTO: Facing east, the view toward downtown Colorado Springs. The mountain in the foreground with the home is known as Iron Mountain. When I lived in Manitou Springs (2001-2005), the one thing I heard (whether the truth or a rumor) was that home, despite it's very beautiful location and views, receives a lot of lightning strikes! Yeeesh!

SECOND PHOTO: I zoomed-in as much as my camera would allow to show downtown Colorado Springs.

Pikes Peak The pretty view of Pikes Peak. Remember, the lighting will be better if you visit earlier in the morning (instead of our arrival at 3 p.m.).

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    Manitou Springs, CO Another view of Manitou Springs.
    Manitou Springs, CO I zoomed-in on the central business district. If you love Manitou Springs, then surely you will recognize some of the streets and buildings. :)
    Interestingly, there are some structures atop Red Mountain. At some point in the first half of the 20th century, an incline operated up Red Mountain that served as competition to the Manitou Incline. At the top was some kind of restaurant or dance hall which would explain the concrete foundation on the summit. Adjacent is a photo of a stairway and post that probably functioned for the mechanical running of the incline.

    Update: This page has three photos and more information about the Red Mountain Incline:

    Red Mountain in Manitou Springs Last but not least, special thanks to my two hiking partners: Christina and Erich. (Erich's Twitter page: @erichthewebguy)

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  • Extra Photos

    A photo of Manitou Avenue before our hike. The place was busy as it was the day after Thanksgiving.

    Manitou Springs
    Previously on this page were photos from a hike of this mountain in May 2003. Most of the photos were crap except for this one, which includes my three hiking partners that day: Alyson, Ashley and Jeff. Alyson was visiting from Texas and the poor girl was having a hard time adjusting to the altitude. See her gasping for air? Ashley and Jeff visited from Denver for the day. We had a great time that day! :)

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