Root Beer Floats at A&W - Jesse, Steve and Tote

June 21, 2003 - Jesse and I drove to Falcon, Colorado to visit Tote. (There's a lovely picture of them two.)

After some discussion about what to do, we opted to visit the A&W restuarant. Oh yes, we were in the mood for fun. :)

A&W Sign Jesse beside the A&W sign.
A&W Coupons Woooo hoooo! I had A&W coupons on onion rings, hamburgers and root beer floats.
A&W Restaurant Cashier Tote places her order.
A&W Root Beer Floats Three A&W root beer floats. They were not too shabby at all!

Christine Tote and her hamburger.
Jesse working on his root beer float.
Steve Garufi

LEFT: Me, refilling more root beer in my float.

RIGHT: I made a mess because I couldn't turn the soda tap off! The camera didn't capture it, but I freaked out as it spilled everywhere! :p)

A&W Root Beer Clock An attractive A&W clock hung on the wall.

Steve Garufi Onion Ring

Oh yes, I'm a fan of onion rings.

And acting silly. :)

Jesse made a small creation with the remaining onion rings.
That looks fantastic, Jesse.
Tote laughs about something.
Can you see Jesse behind the A&W mugs?
Steve Garufi Root Beer Float Yours truly.

A good time at an A&W restaurant and taking pictures of everything. :)

Steve and Tote Me and Tote as we drove home. She and I have nearly opposite kinds of hair.

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