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"S" Mountain In Salida, Colorado

Pictures of Salida & Surrounding Mountains From Spiral Drive - November 25, 2005

S Mountain The most identifiable mountain in downtown Salida is definitely "S" Mountain (formally named Tenderfoot Mountain), located across the Arkansas River to the east.

I arrived in the morning when the lighting would be best for looking out west towards the mountains. Here's a shot looking south towards the peak of Spiral Drive with the northern Sangre de Cristo range behind.

Gate Closed A road spirals to the top with a small house at the summit, but it is closed in the winter. From this gate and sign, it is a modest 15 to 20 minute walk. I saw many joggers on the road and I'd say this would make a fun and very doable mountain biking adventure.
S Mountain There it is ... the big ol' "S" that stands for Salida! :)
Spiral Drive
Salida, Colorado
Two photos walking up the spiraling road. Notice the vast number of pinons that grow in the area in the top photo. Also, note the Christmas lights coming down in the bottom shot. I should really return at night to photograph how this mountain looks with its holiday lights on! :)

UPDATE: I have a page dedicated to the Christmas lights on "S" Mountain from December 2006 ...

S Mountain

S Mountain
At the summit! :)

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    Here are the views from the summit! :)
    Looking south, I slowly turned clockwise...
    TOP: The northern Sangre de Cristo range (looking south)
    SECOND: Methodist Mountain, alt. 11,706 feet (SSW)
    THIRD: Mt. Ouray (alt. 13,971 feet) and Chipewa Mountain (alt. 12,853 feet) (SWW)
    FOURTH: 14er Mt. Shavano (alt. 14,229 feet) and 14er Mt. Antero (alt. 14,269 feet) (NWW)
    BOTTOM: 14er Mt. Princeton (alt. 14,197 feet) way out there with beautiful pinons in the foreground. :) (NW)
    Downtown Salida I zoomed-in on downtown Salida and the River Park (top photo), and got a nifty shot of the base of the mountain (bottom photo).
    Arkansas River The good ol' Arkansas River! :)
    I'd like to take a moment to say "hello" to all of my friends who live way down stream in Arkansas! :)
    Salida, Colorado Salida, Colorado Here are two photos of S Mountain inside the town of Salida. The right photo was taken in heart of downtown Salida.

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