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COLORADOGUY FESTIVAL: Saturday Afternoon & Evening Photos!
(Pikes Peak Highway, Dinner, Manitou Arcade, "Story of the Golden Goats Milk")
September 4, 2004
After breakfast, some of drove up the Pikes Peak Highway in the afternoon. Uh, now is a good time to say that ideally, I believe in hiking up 14ers, but since there were lots of out-of-state visitors, we opted for the more expedient route. :)

Well, the weather was pretty bad, with snow & sleet coming down, and we were ordered to turn around near the top. Sheeeesh!
TOP LEFT: Sarah (TVI), Nick and Lars. (Sarah was pretty cold!)
TOP RIGHT: Sarah's Mom and younger brother came too! :)
BOTTOM: Bernie ran out to photograph a snow-covered plant.

As we were coming down, the weather improved. We pulled over at this spot and the bottom photo is a view to the north.

Dinner at the Stagecoach Inn in Manitou Springs
A really special dinner with some good friends! Cheers! (Nick proclaimed, "Long live the queen" and I declared, "May God bless my forums and chat room!" ;)
Just look at the yummy food! I highly recommend the Stagecoach Inn. The ambiance is classy, the food is delicious and the servers are top quality. All that but without the super high prices of other well-regarded Manitou restaurants. (Photo: Kansas Kelly, Myself, Lars, Bernie, Sarah (TVI) and Nick)

Fun at the Manitou Arcade
Afterwards we walked over to the Manitou Arcade.

Look! Nick is playing Centipede! :)
I had my best game of Asteroids ever! 25,710 points baby! (Photo for proof!) Ahem ... Have you ever seen my Ms. Pac Man article? :)
Sarah and Kansas Kelly play some kind of shooting game.

Air hockey!
Bernie plays Joust.
Nick plays Donkey Kong. Yeeeehaw!

Then we played horse racing! Just look at my amazing form in the top right photo! :)
Sarah grins at the camera! I must say, this pictorial is almost as nice as the Roadtrip to Aspen two days before.
Oh! I won a horse race with over ten people, which meant I won this Manitou Arcade plastic mug as a prize. I was so stinkin' happy! :)

Bernie plays skeeball!
We won a whole bunch of tickets, and Kelly and Sarah traded some in for those plastic pink figures.
Ha! Look what Bernie did what a business card and those plastic figures! (We left it there for some lucky pedestrian to notice and keep!) ;)

The Telling of: "The Story of the Golden Goats Milk"
Last but not least, I told "The Story of the Golden Goats Milk" to friends. Ha ha ha! I didn't take any of those pictures, and it's a pity that photos were taken of others' reactions to the story! Oh! Click here to read what Bernie said on my forums as I was telling the story! :)

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