The Scar in Colorado Springs
Here's another blast-from-the-past. "The Scar" is a well-known environmental eye sore in Colorado Springs. It looks like a big gouge in the mountain, and it's notorious for having lots of big horn sheep up there. Anyhow, enjoy... :)
The Scar, Colorado Springs (July 2000)
It looks like a big, ugly gouge in the mountain.
Big horn sheep were everywhere up there!
There are a whole bunch of Garden of the Gods-looking rocks.
The Scar is presently a public dump site for organic wastes. I really like this picture.
It's as totally barren as it looks...
Up on the hill, I watched a small rainshower slowly traveling east across Colorado Springs.
Ahhhhhhh, how lovely! :)
It rained really hard for awhile.
Garden of the Gods to the left, Cheyenne Mountain in the upper right.

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