Colorado Sculpture Studio

Photos of My Visit With Scott Stearman In Green Mountain Falls

Scott Stearman In a small, barn-shaped shed in works the one and only sculptor Scott Stearman. He is a world-class sculptor.

Scott had just finished a head sculpture of renowned author Frank Peretti, which will be sent to a college in Indiana.

Pretty cool, huh?

Okay, now this is interesting...

Frank Peretti needed to send Scott photographs of himself, with some having a ruler measuring features of his face and head. Ha! The bottom shot was a whimsical photo Mr. Peretti apparently sent for fun.

A couple of pictures of the clay. Scott explained how the different textures of clay (from fairly hard all the way to quite mushy) play different roles in sculpting.
He also had this pressure cooker thing that heated up the clay to soften it.
Alright, here are some of Scott's works throughout his studio!

A musical conductor who was retiring from his high school teaching job.
A sculpture of Scott's wife!
Santa Claus lounges out.
Here's all my Christmas stuff:
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  • This is Scott's next major project! It is a miniature model of a life-size sculpture he'll create of a park bench with a well-loved and deceased Oklahoma college professor sitting there. Very touching!
    Scott holds a mini-sculpture of Michael Angelo.
    This is a typical plastic mold that Scott uses. You might need to take extra notice to realize that the image is going "in" instead of "out". ;)
    Those are some of Scott's tools. Wow! This guy could be a freakin' dentist with all those! :)
    These were a couple of items on Scott's wall that he uses when he has a booth at conventions.

    Wow! This guy is talented!

    Check out this female athlete and take notice of the detail of that empty gym bag!

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