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September 2002 Pictures ... BRING IT ON!
A nice shot at Don's place.
This runner finished in first place in the Pikes Peak Marathon. They run up the mountain and all the way down to make it 26.2 miles!
Those are cute yellow-bellied marmots way up atop Pikes Peak. They're so cute! :)
Ha ha ha! Don does live in rural Teller County.
Tie-dye girl! :)
Oh! Cute Baby Alethea made her first work of art recently. It's got blue finger paint on there and some sparkles! :)
Hey, I didn't say this was the most exciting pictorial!
While the Clydesdales were in Manitou Springs, I got of shot of Pony66 in a really strange-looking position! Ha ha ha!
Chaya, from the NAME JAE'S DOG contest has grown a lot. She's still really cute!
That's my friend Beth, the girl with the Winnie the Pooh watch, who was taking a picture of Frog Rock. By the way, we were on our way back from viewing the Hayman Fire, which she really enjoyed viewing.

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