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SNOW PICTURES! Pictures Of Snowy Scenery In The Rocky Mountains (January 28, 2006)
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Here is a collection of snow pictures from our trip to Tennessee Pass, Vail Pass and Fremont Pass. In the adjacent photo, my buddy Scott stands in an open, snowy field near Leadville to photograph Mt. Elbert.
On the western side of Tennessee Pass, there is a really beautiful open area with snow-covered mountains.
Snow Not the greatest picture, but hey, if you love snow ... ;)
Snow Oooooh! Look at those snowy cabins!
Vail, Colorado This picture of a snowy neighborhood at the base of a butte was taken in the ski town of Vail.
Snow A scenic snowy hiking trail at Mayflower Gulch in Summit County.
Snow I love this snowy picture. I am pretty sure I was heading down Tennessee Pass on the western side, heading toward Minturn.

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