Steve Vomits Caramel In Front of Girl at Starbucks - January 2001
Charlotte is a nice woman who agreed to meet me at Starbucks. She recently moved here from New Jersey, of all places.
Everything was going great, until my stomach rejected a piece of caramel that I ate. I hate vomiting. :(
Charlotte looked on with horror.
But the night went on and we had good time. I was showing her the zoom on my camera with this picture.
A lovely Starbucks cup.
After the initial shock of my vomiting in public, we hit it off pretty well. Lots of laughter. Good conversation. Charlotte shows off a Starbucks plastic cup in this picture.
We both had a caramel apple cider with whipped cream. They were so good!
What happened was I bought a square caramel for sixty cents and we split it in half and had a toast to Charlotte moving to Colorado. It's too bad that I vomited afterward.

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