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Ghost Town: St. Elmo, Colorado

(Surrounding Mountain Scenery Including Mt. Princeton & Mt. Antero) - April 2004

Mt. Yale, CO
Mt. Princeton, CO
The best way to St. Elmo is to go west on Chaffee County Road 162 near Nathrop. (I actually drove on Chaffee County Road 321 ("Rodeo Road") and the first eight photos are from there.)

A really beautiful view of Mt. Yale.

Mt. Princeton Mt. Princeton! I hiked this mountain later in the year. Here are my Mt. Princeton pages:
Mt. Princeton Hike
Mt. Princeton Photos
Mt. Antero Mt. Antero and its surrounding range.
Tigger Peak Goodness! I took 125 photos in a six hour period!
Mt. Antero Looking down toward the Mount Princeton Hot Springs. Going up into the canyon leads to St. Elmo.
Mt. Antero
Sangre De Cristo Mountains
More mountain scenery! The bottom shot is the Sangre De Cristo Mountains, located south of Salida.
Chalk Creek Canyon Into Chalk Creek Canyon we go ...
Chaffee County Road 162 Oh my goodness! Just look at those aspens! I think I need to come to this very spot in the autumn, when these trees will be shouting in bright yellow! ;)
Soft Shoulder Whooooooa! There is a "soft shoulder" - a curve in the road with a very steep drop. It kind of reminded me of Old Fall River Road in Rocky Mountain National Park! ;)
St. Elmo, CO Arrival in St. Elmo! :)
St. Elmo, CO There are all sorts of old buildings in the canyon.
St. Elmo, Colorado
St. Elmo, CO
St. Elmo Ghost Town
Lots of historic buildings!

From what I could see, there have been efforts to preserve these historic buildings and it appears there are even some newly built homes in the canyon.
Oh how I would have loved to have reached Tincup Pass, but the snow and lack of a 4-wheel drive vehicle kept me put. Other Continental Divide passes: Independence Pass, Cottonwood Pass, Monarch Pass and Hagerman Pass.
St. Elmo, CO Nice photo.
Mt. Mamma
St. Elmo, CO
That snow covered peak is Mount Mamma, altitude 13,645 feet.
Chalk Creek Nice! I love this photo of Chalk Creek!
St. Elmo, CO The scenery along the way is well worth visiting this town!
St. Elmo, CO One last photo as I was leaving town.

Note: Four years later, I created a web site dedicated to St. Elmo. Visit

Alpine Lake, CO
Soft Shoulder
Back down the canyon, a nice shot of Alpine Lake. (top)
Mt. Princeton, CO Near Highway 162 at Nathrop, looking back at Mount Princeton.

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