Stem Beach, Colorado

A Small Town South of Pueblo
Stem Beach, Colorado
July 2001 - We were on our way back from Bishop Castle when Steph and I paid a visit to learn why this town was named Stem Beach. I pulled over on the shoulder of Interstate 25. Exit 91 is the home of Stem Beach!
Junkyard Not For Sale
This is a tiny town. There is one antique store, a motel and about five houses. There is also an abandoned gas station that has a lot of character with all its junk out front.
A small town on the plains. Wide open spaces. A woman inside the antique shop informed us there are two lakes nearby, and back in the day, a large tree trunk on a lake's edge looked link a stem.
Antique Store
The sign for the antique shop.

Stem Beach is not a shabby town. I'm glad that we visited. :)

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