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Asteroids Victory! Flying Rocks And Space Ships Have Their Day!

Asteroids Score Of 135,960 Deemed Steve's Best Score - April 2, 2006

Asteroids High Score BUENA VISTA, COLORADO - The fear of rocks flying in space and pesky spaceships shooting after oneself has been overcome once and for all! :)

Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi had his greatest game ever of Asteroids last night when he scored an impressive 135,960 points at the online game.

With the so-called "Internet personality" being 'hammered' with financial woes, continual letdowns with eHarmony matches and dealing with the typical annoying person now and then in real life, this was a very sweet victory.

"The key I found was not shooting like crazy in all directions. Otherwise, there's too much chaos." reflected Steve. "Take it one big asteroid at a time and eliminate it."

(NOTE: You can play Asteroids yourself by visiting the Fun Games index page, or click here to go directly to the Commdore 64 page.)

"I also figured out that if you're moving at a decent pace, the 1,000 point spaceship will have a hard time getting you." Steve added.

Telluride Gondola "Wow... You have been playing Asteroids for a long time then. I haven't played that since I had an Atari game when I was a kid." wrote Amanda, a regular visitor on the Poetry Forum.

A photo was provided above of the final screen after Steve's Asteroids game, to offer proof.

With relatively long winter weather in Buena Vista, Colorado hampering Steve's ability to bicycle everyday, he has taken on other pursuits this winter. Steve celebrated purchasing two BP shirts at a local cafe, finished a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle, and totally shut out three computerized opponents in Microsoft Hearts.

"It's been a very successful winter. I've accomplished a lot." added Steve.

You are welcome to comment about Steve's amazing top score in Asteroids on his:


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