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Steve's Compulsive Banging Of Things Against Head Becomes Problem

The Latest Was a Coffee Cake Smashed Against Forehead; Steve Plans Counseling Help - November 2005

BUENA VISTA, COLORADO -- Today Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi finally broke down and admitted that he has a "problem" with periodically banging things against his head.

Today was the "last straw" that brought him to the realization that he needs counseling help. When the 34-year-old became overjoyed that his high-speed DSL was finally working properly, Steve impulsively smashed a slab of coffee cake against his forehead while hiking in the mountains.

"It didn't hurt much," explained Steve, "I still ate the coffee cake. It wasn't too shabby."

Steve said that he plans to seek counseling to understand the roots of his habit from a psychological standpoint.

Why Would He Do Such A Thing?!

Some of Steve's friends contend his use of slapstick humor is based upon the fact that he really isn't that funny and he probably can't think of more interesting "news stories" to write about himself.

"I think you should stop the Three Stooges stuff and start doing some sophisticated types of humor," wrote Carl Martin in Colorado Springs.

"STOP HURTING YOURSELF LIKE THAT!" wrote Julie S., a regular visitor on the Poetry Forum, "IT'S NOT WORTH IT..... PLEASE listen to me.... Its okay to be funny and crazy but you need to take care of your body."

Because Steve is a therapist himself, one friend suggested that he look in the mirror and help himself overcome this behavior problem.

"The thing is, you might be tempted to bang your head against the mirror," contended Tom in Canon City, "and that would be pretty bad. It'd be something you'd see in a Halloween horror movie!"

As for Steve, he simply can't explain why he bangs things against his head. Some of the more noteable incidents have been when slammed a blueberry donut against his head while meeting with teens in 2002, and another time when he banged a fan against the side of his head.

"I'll admit the fan hurt. Just thinking about it really upsets me," said Steve.

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