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Blonde Girl Strangles Steve On Couch At Bible Study

Friend "Loses Her Cool" Over Steve's Picture-Taking and Antics

Couch Fight COLORADO SPRINGS, CO -- A major fight on the couch erupted at a Colorado Springs bible study when friend Lisa Anderson had "just about had it" with Steve's picture-taking and antics. She lunged at him and strangled his neck while forcefully pinning his body down on the couch.

"You always take pictures of people looking bad," yelled Lisa, "Now you're going to pay!"

At first, Steve started to laugh and was laughing harder and harder until his enraged blonde-haired friend rammed her knee in his stomach.

"It began to hurt a little at that point," said Steve.

Lisa Based on the adjacent photo, Steve photographed Lisa as she sat conspicuously in a yoga position with her hands together. Her mouth looked contorted and her facial expression exhibited signs of potential emotional instability.

"The sad thing about all this is, shouldn't you have been studying your bible?. Is there any order to your meeting?" asked co-worker Jessica upon learning the news.

"I have a question: What would Jesus do?" asked Mark who witnessed the event, "Or better yet, what pictures would Jesus take with his camera?"

Steve has earned a reputation for taking awful pictures of himself and his friends when they are not expecting it. Steve spitting up coffee creamer from a botched attempt to "chug" an entire bottle is an example of questionable photography. Also, Steve snapped photos of nine of his friends eating pizza in Estes Park, many of whom had no idea shots were being taken.

After the incident, Lisa and Steve appeared to have made up and are still friends, but Steve admitted he will think twice about pulling out the camera at the bible study. Fortunately for Lisa, she would get revenge when she gave Steve an armpit noogie two weeks later.

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