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Super Big Gulp Streak Ends At 33 Consecutive Days!

Steve Stranded All Day In Poncha Springs; No Seven-Elevens In Town - February 3, 2006

Honda Accord PONCHA SPRINGS, COLORADO - Joe DiMaggio's record will stay in tact at least a little longer!

The amazing Super Big Gulp streak ended at 33 consecutive days for Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi, when the so-called "Internet Personality" became stranded all day and night in Poncha Springs (adjacent photo), a small town of 500 people that does not have a Seven Eleven store.

"My car broke down in the late afternoon while doing some photography by Poncha Springs." explained Steve, who did not arrive back to his cabin in Buena Vista until 1 a.m., when a friend drove him back.

Steve did have a chance to buy his Super Big Gulp at 11 a.m. that day, but instead became overconfident and procrastinated. He figured he would drink a late-evening Super Big Gulp on the way back.

Big Gulp When Steve's friends learned that the streak was over, he received quite a bit of support.

"Oh Steve, you fell off the wagon and procrastinated! ... Why don't you try eating tangerines for 56 days instead next time?" wrote Nick Hughes in London, England.

"I wouldn't stop loving a guy even if he drank a big gulp every day." said Tonje in Norway, a regular visitor known as 'Nerdolita' in the chat room.

Sarah B., who is expected to be a candidate for Hair Consultant in the 2006 election, included her concern for Steve's long hair in her reaction: "I am very proud of you. Soda is bad for you, and your hair! You could be drinking WATER which is way better for your hair, or juice (not the concentrated kind) which is packed full of vitamins and minerals that are GOOD for you, rather than soda, which is just flavored acid."

"The Big Gulp Streak was hurting your hair, thus hurting your chances of finding a date. Plus, it's empty calories ... and while Herman may enjoy it, girls won't." added Sarah.

Steve previously attempted breaking Joe DiMaggio's record of 56 four years ago, when he reached 28 consectuive days of drinking a Super Big Gulp while living in Manitou Springs.

The big question now is: Will he start another Super Big Gulp streak? Steve wouldn't answer directly, but he did sum things up.

"A part of me is relieved the streak is over. There was a lot of pressure once people learned of it ... they kept asking me everyday if I had my Big Gulp." said Steve.

You are quite welcome to share your thoughts about Steve's accomplishment of drinking a 7-11 Super Big Gulp for 33 consecutive days on his:


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