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Steve Buys Ladies Sunglasses Bought at Local Walmart!

"They Look Fine" Insists Steve, Despite Onslaught Of Criticism - December 10, 2005

Sunglasses BUENA VISTA, COLO. -- Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi confirmed yesterday that his newly purchased pair of sunglasses (right photo) he has recently worn had a label idenitifying it as a "ladies" design at the Salida, Colorado Walmart.

The $5 pair of brown-framed sunglasses provide 100% UV protection and "classic styling", and since they fit comfortably and did not seem too feminine-looking (according to Steve's estimation), he bought the sunglasses and has been wearing them ever since.

"You bought girl's glasses? Oh Steve, that is just so weird of you. You're spooking me out!" wrote Monica S., a teenager who frequently visits the Poetry Forum.

"You mean you couldn't find anything in the men's section? People are going to make fun of you for sure." said local friend John Carston in Buena Vista.

Sunglasses Picture Frustrated over being ridiculed, Steve gave a fuller explanation at his home in Buena Vista with a scenic view of snowy Mt. Princeton behind him: "I am so sick and tired of living in this fish bowl. The glasses look fine, they fit right and they didn't look feminine. My eyes have been hurting recently and I think it's because I lost my glasses and hadn't been wearing anything and the sun shining off the snow is getting to me."

With the ladies sunglasses controversy being the topic of discussion in the chat room this morning, Ben Paulson (Steve's Hair Consultant) was more encouraging.

"Well Steve, these are only sun glasses ... it's not like you were buying ladies underwear." wrote Ben.

Steve's continued to appear defensive. "I seriously looked and looked with them on and asked myself ... do they look feminine? I thought not." replied Steve in his chat room.

This has not been the greatest week for the so-called "Internet personality". On Monday, a cute, redheaded Polish-American girl from the dating service rejected him after just one date. Also, a psychotherapist blasted Steve on the forums as "lazy" who has "no purpose in life".

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