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Steve's Old Sneakers Photographed For The Public!

Awful-Looking Sneakers With Gapping Holes Finally Replaced (March 1, 2006)

Old Sneakers BUENA VISTA, COLORADO -- As if the press was trying to "dig up" embarrassing news about Steve, the webmaster of this web site, it was recently revealed in pictures just how ripped up and tattered the so-called "Internet personality's" sneakers were yesterday. Both of his sneakers have large gapping holes by his toes!

"The sneakers have gotten pretty bad. I'll admit that." stated Steve, as he held out his sneaker (photo below).

Steve bought the Saucony brand sneakers in Summer 2003, and has worn them regularly for most outdoor activities. However, the sneakers started to show significant wear in August 2005, when holes began to show in the toe area. The sneakers only became worse in the fall and by November, Steve was 'in denial' about just how bad his sneakers had become and was too cheap simply buy himself new sneakers.

Old Sneakers "What's the matter with you?!?" exclaimed Kelly in Kansas, "That is SO bad for your feet - wearing shoes down to that point. My goodness! I can't believe I didn't notice them in Arkansas. I bet those bad boys stink to high heavens!!"

"Ha ha ha ha ha! Those are the most pathetic sneakers I have ever seen, Steve." wrote Mike in Buena Vista, "Have you actually worn those in public?"

According to Steve, his plan to hike at the Great Sand Dunes National Park with Tanya last week was the "final straw" that motivated him to buy brand new high-top mountain hiking boots.

"If I would have worn those holey sneakers at the sand dunes, it would've been bad." admitted Steve.

Old Sneakers Steve definitely gained a lot of mileage out of those sneakers. He hiked five "14ers" in them (Mt. Democrat, Lincoln, Bross, Mt. Sherman and Mt. Princeton - proof can be seen in his summit photos) and he bicycled over 3,000 miles on his road bike in them in 2005. His sneakers also have been included in pictures on this web site, such as when he arrived at the Four Corners Monument by bike in 2003, when he was standing with friends at Independence Pass, and him posing at the 2005 ColoradoGuy Festival in northwest Arkansas.

Colorado Springs mortgage lender Scott Baker had an interesting suggestion as to what to do with the sneakers: "They obviously performed their duties without regard to their own well being. Honor them by having them bronzed ... They make baby shoe bronzing kits. You should go out and get one." he said.

Steve is not exactly sure what he will do with his sneakers, but contended he definitely will not toss them in the trash.

"There's something about these sneakers. The memories. I've got to hold onto them." reflected Steve.

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