Steve Finds 39 Cents Under His Bed

39 Cents MANITOU SPRINGS, COLORADO -- What a welcome surprise for the 30-something bachelor! Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi found 39 cents under his bed after rearranging his bedroom furniture in his apartment this afternoon.

Along with discovering the 39 cents (one quarter, two nickels and four pennies), he also found large clumps of dust, two beer bottle caps, and a 9-month old copy of the New York Times.

"Dude, you should put the money in the bank. Don't get wild and spent it all," exclaimed Boki, a friend and neighbor.

Asked what he plans to do with the 39 cents, Steve replied, "I think this is a sign. I'll use the quarter to play a game of Ms. Pac Man at the Manitou Arcade. I want to try to break my record!"

Steve called the pocket change "icing on the cake" as he works on an interior decorating facelift to many areas of his apartment. He especially looks forward to revamping the living room, where he plans to add curtains and a television, while rearranging the couches.

"I want to see how much money is under the green couches," he said, "I betcha they could be a gold mine."


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