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Steve Comes Clean With Public About Adopt A Highway Motives

"Getting a Date" Was Real Reason For Pursuing Litter Control Efforts

Steve GarufiMANITOU SPRINGS, COLORADO -- In a moment of candor with himself and others, Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi admitted that his true motive for coordinating the Adopt a Highway Litter Control program was to improve his standing with cute single women.

The Manitou Springs resident revealed that, "I certainly hope I can get a "date through this" from the increased exposure from the "Friends of" sign that was erected on U.S. Highway 24 in Manitou Springs.

Public reaction to Steve's comment has provoked shock and ridicule towards Steve.

Adopt a Highway Colorado "What you need is a puppy!" exclaimed Martha in Texas, who believes Steve simply needs to be bolder in asking women out whom he is interested in.

"You're just like me ... you're always doing the 'Poor me, I don't have a girlfriend routine." exclaimed Mark O'Shea, a regular patron at Spice of Life Café.

With public sentiment bringing much embarrassment and unwanted attention on him, Steve went into damage mode by typing the following statement on the Friendship Board:

"Listen, this Adopt-A-Highway thing is great. We pick up garbage along the highway, do fulfilling community service and I get a couple of signs with on it. If chicks are more interested in me, then what's the big deal?"

Shelley Johnson had a interest thought in an e-mail to Steve. "Maybe this will help if you wanted to go out with a girl who works for a garbage hauling company," she wrote.

Here are two nice photos of the highway the Friends of have adopted...
Colorado Adopt a Highway Litter Program

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