Celebration With Antique Water Bottle Turns Ugly

Steve Impulsively Drinks 38-Year-Old Mineral Water; Spits It Out On Kitchen Counter

Steve Garufi Manitou Mineral Water COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. -- A gathering to celebrate Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi's creation of his newest web site (www.CactusLovers.com) "turned ugly" last night when he foolishly drank mineral water from an antique bottle of Manitou Mineral Water that dated back to 1967.

"I thought, 'What the heck? I wonder if it would be good to drink'", explained Steve, "I don't think the water was that bad, but I got nervous and worriedand spit it out all over Anne's kitchen counter."

Anne, the owner of the townhome, was not pleased with Steve puking on her kitchen countertop.

"You could have at least hurled it into the sink. That was so gross!" shouted Anne.

Steve bought the antique bottle for five dollars at a local Manitou Springs gift shop four years ago, and the souviner sat on a shelf in his living room since then.

"I got bored looking at it, and the curiosity got to me. I knew I would drink it," explained Steve.

This is not the first time Steve has engaged in kind of behavior. In 2003, Steve ate two early morning root beer floats and then vomited in his kitchen sink while his roommate laughed and took pictures of the event. He also barfed after drinking an entire bottle of coffee creamer in front of his neighbor.

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Manitou Mineral Water Bottle


This is the bottle - Manitou Mineral Water.
Label Label Interest history on the label.
Anne Anne was suspicious of the mineral water, but I'd have to say it didn't taste that bad. I just got nervous.

Not the greatest photos of me, but it's what happened. :o)

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