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Littleton Man Assaulted With Taco Bell Burrito On Roadside

May 14, 2001

Blake KindlLITTLETON, COLORADO -- One of Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi's co-workers suffered great anguish and bufuddlement when he was pelted in the chest by a burrito this morning.

38-year-old Blake Kindl (right photo), an operations manager, was outside inspecting work along Littleton Avenue when he was "assaulted" by the Mexican staple food. He suffered no physical injuries - just initial shock and personal embarrassment from the event. He identified the "weapon" as a Taco Bell burrito.

"I could tell from the smell that the sauce was the mild, not the hot." explained Blake, "I know because I eat at Taco Bell all the time."

According to his eyewitness account, the burrito was hurled from a car filled with teenagers. After realizing he was hit with something, he immediately heard the sound of teenagers laughing as the car sped by.

"I'm not really angry over this," explained Blake (left photo), "but to think that some bozo hit me with a burrito it's just strange."

Blake Kindl"Yeah, but what I want to know is, did you eat the burrito?" asked Steve. (Blake did not. He threw the remains of the bean burrito in the trash.)

Upset that his white work shirt was splattered with hot sauce, Blake returned to his home in Highlands Ranch to change into clean clothes.

"It did look like teenagers having fun." explained Blake, who admitted that he had done worse things as a teenager and young adult when he grew up on the streets of Chicago.

As news spread about the incident on this web site, some had very strong reactions.

"I'd be madder than hell if somebody hit me in the chest with a burrito." contended Kelly C. in Olathe, Kansas, "It reminds me of when teenagers egged my car ... they egged all the cars on our street."

Dave Johnson in Denver also added his perspective: "I just don't understand why anyone would discard of Taco Bell food (right photo). Their food is heavenly!"