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Workplace Copy Machine Breaks Lou Gehrig's Record

2,194 Paper Copies Printed All In One Run - March 8, 2001

Copy Machine LITTLETON, CO - One of the most revered records of all time has been broken!

The office copy machine at Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi's workplace broke Lou Gehrig's record of 2,130 by printing out 2,194 consecutive 8 x 11 copies last week. No doubt, this copy machine "raised the bar" for future copy machines throughout the world.

Steve, who has a part-time job at the unnamed organization in the Denver area, started things when he programmed 2,194 copies to be made of a newsletter. In no way did he expect the printer to produce all of them consecutively without even one mechanical glitch.

"Usually there's a paper jam or I need to load more paper. There's always something going wrong near the 1,000 mark," explained Steve, who proofreads, designs and prints numerous documents each day.

The Copy Machines Shines - A Day Not Quickly Forgotten

However, this printing job will remain in the memories of all in nearby offices and cubicles. When the copy machine approached 1,000, Steve was delighted that the machine was still printing, but he did not think much about it.

"When it reached the 1,500 mark, that's when I started to take notice," explained Steve, " At about 1,700 I grabbed Julie (another worker) and said, 'Hey, you've got to take a look at this.'"

Like Steve, many were surprised at the copy machine's overachievement, especially with its fickle reputation. Other onlookers gathered near the copy machine to marvel at the feat.

"2,194? I am very surpirsed with that copy machine," said Patricia H. of the neighboring Finance department, "In fact, I'm shocked."

Ben H., a graphic designer who occasionally works with Steve on projects, witnessed the event as well: "That copy machine in there is not a grand one. The printing quality isn't very good and when it jams there's paper all over the place. It's awful."

As a small intimate crowd gathered near the copy machine, news of the accomplishment quickly spread throughout the organization. Indeed, the copy machine was the "talk of the day" during lunch hour.

"What a Difference a Button Makes"

Ken Flurry Ken Flurry (adjacent photo), a fellow worker who was one the first person to come over to witness the event, shared an upsetting memory that he had with a copy machine.

"During my first three months on the job, I was running off some copies. I only wanted about 50 copies, but instead I pushed the button for 'all members,' which was about 1,000," said Flurry, "I went away and came back and there were sheets of paper going everywhere. It was a complete mess."

Asked what he learned from the experience, Flurry said solemnly, "What a difference a button makes."

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