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Corn Niblets and Canned Pears Eaten For Dinner!

(Steve's "Scary Food Stories" Continue To Dominate News Stories On Web Site)

June 10, 2005

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- The scary food stories keep coming and coming ... and they're becoming worse and worse!

Last evening, Steve "ColoradoGuy" Garufi (the owner of this web site) prepared and ate a meal that consisted of corn niblets and canned pears, as seen in the adjacent photo.

"I'm really worried about you." wrote Laura (who attended the recent Homestead gathering) after learning of the incident in the chat room.

Another chatter named Keema (a "regular" on the Arkansas Forum) seemed more understanding: "You just need a cookbook, dude!!! (But) I can't say much, because I'm the girl who likes ranch and ketchup mixed together."

According to Steve, his finances are presently "really tight" as he builds his new counseling practice in Colorado Springs, and he is at the point where eating frugally has become a necessity.

"I kept the corn and pears seperated, but they eventually mixed together, and the pear juice got all over the plate." explained Steve, as he ate his unorthodox dinner.

Steve's questionable "bachelor eating habits" have been well publicized on this web site. Last winter, Jayson and Susan Graves adopted Steve as their "hunger compassion child" by giving him monthly rations of leftover food that Susan cooked. Some of the more disturbing incidents of the so-called 'Internet personality' have included Steve eating two root beer floats for breakfast (which he vomited shortly after) and his consumption of yogurt and "bad toast" for dinner after hiking Mount Democrat, Mount Lincoln and Mount Bross.

"I just don't know what to say, Steve. Something is WRONG WITH YOU." wrote Kansas Kelly of Olathe, Kansas in an e-mail, "I guess it's time to send you another care package."

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