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Dirty Dishes Pile Up In Steve's Kitchen

October 17, 2001

Dirty Dishes! MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- The kitchen sink and surrounding counter inside the home of Steve Garufi is completely full with dirty dishes and has been unattended for cleaning in nearly three weeks - an unprecedented period for the Manitou Springs resident.

Today, the sink has numerous dirty dishes, bowls, a cooking pot with "bad macaroni," a plastic container with leftover stuffing and numerous other items. Even the surrounding counter is cluttered with glasses, bowls and a colander.

"There's something about doing the dishes. I keep everywhere else in my apartment really clean. I guess I just don't like cleaning them after I eat, and then they start pilling up." explained Steve.

"Garufi, you're a pig. If you have dishes in your sink that are two weeks old, that's the only thing that fits. You're a pig!" said Vern Peterson of Colorado Springs.

Almost all would agree Steve has greatly improved in his domestic endeavors, particulary his interior decoration, cooking, choices in artwork and keeping most of his apartment clean. His kitchen, however, leaves something greatly to be desired.

Dirty Dishes!Visitors stand a large probability they will view the unsightly pile of dishes, utencils, cookware and cups, should they enter the kitchen.

If Steve decided to consistently maintain a clean kitchen sink, the room has the potential to be the nicest room in his apartment. Covered with beautiful hardwood floors, Steve painted the walls Navajo White, a creamy white color, to brighten the room that already enjoys a generous quantity of sunlight from two large windows.

"The sunlight in there is great. I just need to get over this psychological block I have with the dishes. I just need to go in there and do it." said Steve.

Rain Thrower, Steve's former hair consultant, is planning a spontaneous visit this week to Steve's home, and the Internet personality is paranoid her good friend will see the mess in the kitchen.

The news of Steve's unwillingness to wash his dishes is seen as a major public relations blunder for his hypocrisy. Last week, Steve declared "victory over procrastination," when he sent all of his Christmas cards out 73 days before Christmas Day.

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