Nick Hughes Attains Extreme Ironing Feat on Pikes Peak

British Film Maker Brings Rapidly-Growing International Sport Comes to Colorado

Extreme Ironing PIKES PEAK, COLORADO -- Visiting the Colorado Rocky Mountains for the first time, Britishman Nick Hughes was recognized as the first to indulge in the international sport of extreme ironing on the summit of Pikes Peak, elevation 14,110 feet. The London-based filmmaker and comedian ironed his sleeveless jacket on a bench near the Pikes Peak monument sign and later celebrated with his American friends.

"It is a proud day for Britian," proclaimed Nick, "I lived on the edge, and I have a well-pressed jacket too."

Nick planned his extreme ironing adventure months in advance before visiting Manitou Springs on Labor Day weekend to visit Steve and his friends.

Noting that he distinctly felt the lack of oxygen from the high elevation, Nick said he'd like to do more extreme sports in Colorado's mountains. "Perhaps one day I will climb Mount Sherman with a vacuum cleaner," said Nick.

Everyone with Nick was happy for him. Later that evening, New York-based photographer Bernard Doyle bought him a beer and said, "Who would've ever thought to iron clothing on a huge mountain? I love it."

As for Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi, he also commended Nick, but did it in his best (horrible) British accent, "What a jolly good thing to do! That's just smashing and bloody good! Let's put on our best tweed jackets and have some tea and crumpets, shall we?"

The sport of extreme ironing began in England and has grown throughout the world. Just have an iron and wrinkled clothing with you on your next outing to participate for yourself.

Extreme Ironing in Colorado

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