Door Leading to Honda CRX Gas Cap Remains Shut at Gas Station

September 18, 2002

MANITOU SPRINGS, CO -- The outside door leading to the gas cap on Steve Garufi's 1991 Honda CRX remained stuck this morning at a local Mantitou Springs gas station.

The red door, which usually opens when a plastic contraption is pulled inside the car, remained shut and caused intense emotional distress to the Internet artist.

"You bet I was freaking out ... because I was really low on gas. How could I fill (my car) up if I couldn't open that stupid little door?"

Confused and perplexed, Steve spent about five minutes clicking the gas button numerous times and even looked for a "secret button" inside the trunk panels to open to door. Eventually, he pried open the door with his car keys. (See picture below)

"I was annoyed alright, but I figured it out." reflected Steve, "I'll use my keys if it happens again."

Steve's CRX has over 191,000 original miles on it and although it is running quite well, the Japanese import has shown signs of old age.

According to Steve, the driver side window "is all messed up" and an outer plastic panel on the driver side is off. Also, the "compressed air thing" (Steve's own description) that holds the back hatch up has not been working for numerous years. After once investigating and learning of the high price to get it in working operation again, he has refused to replace the part.

Picture of Steve prying open the door with his keys...

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