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"Herman The Stomach" Is Getting Bigger and Fatter

Fat Stomach MANITOU SPRINGS, COLORADO -- His stomach is like The Blob -- it's a growing monster and it's only getting bigger and bigger!

Two recent photographs have emerged of Steve "Colorado Guy" Garufi's ever-expanding gutt. These photos are real. Steve did not have a pillow or pading under his shirt in either image. Things have gotten so bad that his middle-area has been named "Herman The Stomach."

"You look like you a pregnant woman," said Anne, who took both pictures, "The problem is, your stomach won't go down after you've had your baby."

After an embarrassing picture of his fat stomach oozing through his Krispy Kreme t-shirt during a hike on the Heizer Trail in Cascade, Colo., and another where his stomach is pulsating through his blue cycling shirt, the idea of naming his stomach "Herman" came to Steve.

"I need to do some stomach crunches or something. It's getting so big!" exclaimed Steve.

Kansas Kelly, a friend in of Olathe, Kansas, used cutting sarcasm to challenge Steve. "That's ironic. Could there be a link to you eating Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and your big gutt? Gee, I wonder."

Kelly once sent Steve a 30-pound care package filled with groceries, snacks and "fun goodies" in response to a news story that he had raspberry yogurt and bad toast for dinner.

"This care package will help you get by," she wrote, "Your stomach is gonna love it."

Steve considered lifting his shirt to get pictures of his bare stomach, but warned it would "not be a pretty sight."

"You know those spammy ads where it says to eat a bunch of blueberries from some exotic country and you'll lose weight? Maybe I should try that," said Steve.

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